About Us

Home is the best place on earth, where we can be care-free. We don’t need to follow rules or pretend to be someone else. Your home also needs some make-up every now and then to please its guests or even the dwellers. Sometimes old becomes older, and they need to be rested.

Accessories to your home include few basic things and others too. adding new pieces of furniture, or exchanging them or even renewing them (by paint) can bring a new look. But, is there any place where you can get stylish accessories for a lesser price?

Yes, you have! That’s us!! We are a company that specialises in furniture. We believe that furniture adds an element to the home. Without furniture, a home stays just a house. The perfectly created furniture, choose right adds fresh life to your home.

Your search for furniture ends here. We offer every design, styles to flaunt and upgrade all at best prices. We even customise them for you. your satisfaction and happiness are ours! We have the luxury and cosy chairs, or chairs just to relax. Centre tables and coffee chairs set the fire for a long conversation, and to make it more interesting we have them in all shades and comforts. Pick the one that talks about your style quotient.

What's happier news, than the word, SALE!!! Yes, it's raining “Sale” here. Come in and grab the opportunity and be a happy customer. Why should to pay more, when you get them at best quality and exciting prices? Drop in to see the vast collections and adorable sets that will surely please you. To keep your peace and happiness intact with your home, always try to de-clutter and keep and home neat and clean, with the required accessories. Or even refurbishing them, after all, it's your home and you live there.