Beautiful Home Within A Budget

With the vast and abundant resources that we are blessed with, the number of ideas and inspiring tricks is endless. Be it home re-organising or decorating to kitchen recipes and re-organising, there is every trick available, provided you search for them. Well, your search for a budget-friendly home revamping ends here. Home décor items or even furniture’s become expensive or inexpensive based on our taste. Furniture is an investment and hence no compromise in them. But shelling out money every time you declutter your home makes you bankrupt easily. We shall provide you with some ideas or tricks to re-organise or re-décor your home, within your specified budget.

Trick 1: Add colours to your home

A home that’s always clean and bright with colours is very inviting than the old gloomy homes. So if your home is getting gloomier or boring, it's time to decorate the walls first. You may opt to paint or use decorative paper walls (you get them in many dollar stores). Choose simple painting colours that give a fresh look. You needn’t paint the whole room, just a single wall or double will do the trick. You may place few frames or stick some wallpapers on the wall to make it more decorative. The wallpaper stickers are best choices when you are running low on money.

Trick 2: Floorboards

Opting for floor boards like carpets and other things might be costly. But, using paint to refurbish your old floor can be exciting and a new method, that’s cost effective. Fitting floor carpets is pretty costlier and it involves a lot of work too. You get specific paints that can be used on floors, wooden floors, concrete floors, stone floors etc. so check what's your need and buy accordingly. Check for prices and any deals and save more.

Trick 3: ‘Ex’ Change your old furniture

It's time to remove the old lying sofas and change them for better. or you may sell them and buy brand new ones, to give a new look to your home. Selecting modern pieces to add more look while being easy to maintain and less pricey. There are many chains of furniture dealers who have extraordinary pieces at affordable rates. They do come on sale, grab the opportunity and make the most. They even customise according to your needs. Utilise the option and refresh your home. At the least, you may try the DIY series and get some ideas and furniture renewed.

Trick 4: de-cluttering the kitchen

The kitchen is called the heart of the home. To make your kitchen look like a studio, keep your dining area and worktops clear and clutter free. If your dining chairs have some faults or look too old, get them changed or renew them. For a clutter-free kitchen, there are plenty of options available. Utilise the cupboards and drawers that are available to you. Keep the like ones together, or based on their functionality and usage. Choose to hang few utensils on the wall. If you don’t have them, there are cupboards, drawers and railings available at a lesser price, opt for them. Or you may try few DIY projects and create your own stuff, customised.

Trick 5: Add accessories

Yes, your home needs accessories too, to look fresh and chic. Accessories like a coffee table at the centre, cushions for the sofa, their linen and designs draw all the eyes. Include vases to decorate the place with simple flowers; it adds more charm yet being simple. You can find them at many stores, or even online which always have some sale on. They are budget friendly options to rely on while adding the required look to the home.
Or you may choose to recycle your old bottles (wine or beer), or feeding bottles into designer vases. Let your creativity work.